High Tech Nursing for Pediatric Population

Special Needs Children's CareSince 1995, we have offered specialized licensed nurses to assist families faced with the challenges of caring for medically fragile children with complex care needs.  We help families come home to an environment that is warm, familiar, and nurturing.

Mother's Helper also offers specialty certified Pediatric Nursing Aides as part of our dedicated team of nurses that are committed to preserving each child's right to be at home, and be surrounded by their families. As a leading provider of specialized, comprehensive homecare and support services to children and their families, we work with major medical centers and physicians throughout the country to successfully integrate community-based care and access to care for special needs children.

Pediatric nurses with a service heart provide high tech nursing for assessment and continuous care in the comfort of the home.

Our practice includes procedures such as Tracheotomies (Trachs), feeding tubes and other high-tech treatments. We are able to provide children and families with a healthy loving experience in the home and community by providing outstanding clinical care and by being an advocate for our patients and by supporting the families we serve.

Special Needs Children under 21 years of Age

Special needs childrenWe are Medicaid providers for the following programs:

  • Personal Care - Assistance with activities of daily living and developmental activities
  • Private Duty Nursing - For complex medical needs that require continuous care
  • CAP-C (Community Alternative Program) - Children is based upon patient's disability; usually not the household income
  • Skilled nursing to include IV Infusion 

Insurance Accepted

We accept most commercial insurances with prior approval. We also accept private pay and are networked with charitable organizations when resources are available to pay for your family's help; contingent upon special needs. Call our offices for more information.


Our son receives aide services through Mother’s Helper. Since receiving aide services we have seen such an improvement in his health and well being....