Postpartum Doulas

What is a Doula?

Doula is a Greek word meaning "servant"

Post Partum HelpToday's families are moving and busy like never before. Even a "super mom" needs a helping hand once in a while, especially when exhaustion or sleep deprivation take their toll. The Doula can provide a resting period to air feelings and enable mom to recover from childbirth.

Postpartum recovery is a complex process. Some duties our Doulas provide are infant care, nutritious meal preparation, houshold management and help taking care of the entire family.

Insurance Accepted

We accept most commercial insurances with prior approval. We also accept private pay and are networked with charitable organizations when resources are available to pay for your family's help; contingent upon special needs. Call our office for more information.


My first daughter was preterm so as a precaution with my second pregnancy I was put on bed rest a month and a half before my due date. As a mom of a v...