Durable Medical Equipment Supplier for Breast Pumps

Lactation SpecialistsIn Network w Tricare Humana are Breast Pump Sales and supplies are now available through Mother's Helper Durable Medical Equipment Supplier. Our Registered Nurses, IBCLCs provide in home support as a visit covered by most health plans to include pre and post feeding weights, assessment of mom and baby from NICU. Our Registered Nurses provide tools and tricks to ease any difficulties, organizational skills, pumping and going back to work education and nurse to doctor communication if needed.

Long periods of separation may be the issue for many lactating mothers, as many health plans are currently producing their policies for this.

Our goal is to make breastfeeding as enjoyable and rewarding, as it should be, for you and your baby. Call us today with your health plan information ready.

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Mary Erickson
I recently had a baby and I would have been lost without Mother's Helper. They came in and helped me with cleaning and cooking. Without them I would h...