17th Year Anniversary for Mother's Helper

With its first press release Oct 16th, 1995 in the News and Observer, Fayetteville, N.C.

Looking back at the hundreds of women and children that have received respite, certified nursing assistants, nurses, postpartum doulas, and lactation support, I again realize that Mother's Helper has been a conduit for so many special and dynamic interactions.

I would like to take the time to thank all the management personnel and field staff who have been compassionate to our families overtime.  Most of the caregivers have been extremely tolerant and big hearted to our families.  Our agency has values that our caregivers acknowledge.  Our caregivers acknowledge that the little things in life count, and the best things in life are free.  Joy, peace, faith, and love are free.

We look forward to another 17 years upholding the philosophy that "it takes a village to raise a child", with  sound home health practice.  Mother's Helper in Fayetteville and Raleigh pledge to continue finding quality caregivers to place in homes.  We are expanding and growing!

I am ever so grateful to my loving children who inspired me to start Mother's Helper so long ago.  They are the reason that I am the person I am today.  Thank you!

Cynthia G. Foley

Employers Resolve to Back Up Child Care

child careIt is obvious that for single parents to be able to stay in the workforce after having children, they will need to have access to appropriate child care through a stay-at-home partner, family, a nanny, child care centers, and back up child care.

Much of the difficulty stems from structural issues such as a mismatch between acceptable and affordable care options and the needs of the working family.

Even when regular child care is unavailable or cannot be attended (e.g., due to illness) or when regular child care cannot be arranged (e.g., due to school closures), employers can clearly play a role in assisting with access to subsidized child care can increase single parents employment and productivity.


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